Web App Pentest

Web Application Penetration Testing

Web application penetration testing is an integral part of assessing applications for potential security threats. Companies rely on customer-facing web applications to hold sensitive data and allow people to perform sensitive tasks in real-time. To avoid security issues, some companies depend solely on vulnerability scans which are limited in their ability to identify threats and potential issues. While vulnerability scanning certainly has its place in a secure development life-cycle, it leaves much to be desired in terms of an in-depth security assessment.

Pensive Security takes security testing several steps further with dedicated web app penetration testing (or “pentesting”), which helps identify threats or gaps in the application that could be vulnerable to cyber-attacks. This guide will take a detailed look at web application penetration testing and what it means for your business.

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June 2021 Roundup

June 2021: Cybersecurity Roundup

The previous month in cybersecurity:

  1. FBI Chats with Bad Guys
  2. Will Water Utilities Be the Next Colonial Pipeline?
  3. From Fitness Fad to Cybersecurity Risk
  4. Biden Takes Putin to Task Over Ransomware, Cybersecurity in Summit
  5. The Coast Guard Gets into Cybersecurity

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Five Benefits of Penetration Testing

Do you want to be sure that your company infrastructure remains resilient to sophisticated attacks? With all the bold claims security devices and tools make today, it’s easy to assume that your infrastructure is impenetrable. However, even companies with the best security practices perform regular penetration tests to ensure their environment holds up against real-world attacks.

Pensive Security offers cutting-edge penetration testing to ensure applications, networks, and cloud infrastructures can handle complex and creative attacks from hackers trying to get into your systems. We regularly carry out pentests for companies of all sizes and ensure that your security controls are present and working as intended. We use a team of certified professionals and provide comprehensive reports that make it straightforward for teams to make needed changes to your security systems.

Not sure what penetration testing is all about? This article will delve into the five key benefits of penetration testing and why you might need it for your company.

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May 2021 Roundup

May 2021: Cybersecurity Roundup

The previous month in cybersecurity:

  1. The Colonial Pipeline Attack Sends People into a Panic
  2. President Biden Strengthens Cybersecurity Protocols
  3. CISA and the FBI Release Joint Cybersecurity Advisory
  4. Microsoft Launches Asia-Pacific Public Sector Cybersecurity Executive Council
  5. The World’s Largest Meat Producer Is Attacked

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April 2021 Roundup

April 2021: Cybersecurity Roundup

This past month in cybersecurity:

  1. What the FLoC, Google? How Google is Developing New and Exciting Ways To Track You
  2. Apple Introduces AirTags
  3. Coinbase Went Public
  4. AT&T Launches New Managed Endpoint
  5. Biden Administration’s Cybersecurity Roadmap

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March 2021 Roundup

March 2021: Cybersecurity Roundup

This past month in cybersecurity:

  1. Cyberattack Disrupts Molson Coors Operations and Production
  2. $2B of COVID-19 Relief Package Reserved for Cybersecurity and Tech
  3. Google Revealed How Much Personal Data They Collect in Chrome and Google iOS Apps
  4. Ubiquiti Accused of Covering Up Huge Data Breach
  5. IRS Warns of Phishing Scams Targeting Colleges and Universities

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Mobile Pentest (Image Adapted from OWASP MATG)

What Is Mobile App Security Testing?

Mobile devices accounted for 52.6% (Statista, 2019) of Internet traffic in 2019. With 5G technology emerging, this is predicted to increase fivefold by the end of 2024 (https://www.ericsson.com/en/5g/what-is-5g).

Mobile applications are becoming ever more prevalent in our daily lives, and many services are moving to a mobile-first strategy.

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January 2021 Roundup

February 2021: Cybersecurity Roundup

This past month in cybersecurity:

  1. Mysterious ‘Silver Sparrow’ Malware on Macs
  2. Myanmar Draft Cybersecurity Law
  3. Kia Motors $20 Million Ransomware Attack
  4. Kroger Data Breach
  5. Malicious Firefox Extension ‘FriarFox’

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OWASP Application Security Verification Standard (ASVS)

Over the years, we’ve had multiple clients come to us and mention that they had a previous “penetration test” or “vulnerability assessment” performed only to receive a report containing only vulnerability scanner results, like OpenVas or Nessus.

While those reports are undoubtedly useful, they don’t replace the depth and coverage that a high-quality penetration test or vulnerability assessment provides.

To help standardize application security testing, OWASP has created a standard called ASVS (Application Security Verification Standard).

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Mailchimp Subscribe Modal

Add Mailchimp Subscribe Modal to your Hexo Blog

If you use Hexo for your blog, you know how easy it is to create a beautiful and user-friendly experience for your followers. Even better, Hexo is entirely open-source, which means you are free to customize the code to work best for your needs.

We’ve known for a while that we need a clean way for new visitors to subscribe to our blog. We put it off because we imagined a significant design and implementation effort to integrate it into our MailChimp email list.

Bri loves tinkering with open-source code, and she recently discovered a straight-forward way to modify our Hexo theme (Minos) and allow new visitors to subscribe to our mailing list.

Ready to add this functionality to your blog? Read on!

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