Airstream at Sunset

Taking Remote Work to a Whole New Level

When Bri and I first started Pensive Security in 2017, we knew we wanted to be a company that worked remotely. However, we did not realize how remote our work would be.

In May of 2019, we moved into our new office (a 22’ Airstream Sport towed behind a Toyota Tundra), and “The Hacky Campers” were born. Since then, we have visited 40 states, driven at least 40,000 miles, and delivered over 40 high-quality security tests along the way.

Working from the Airstream

How is this possible? A little foresight and a lot of learning on the go.

With an unanticipated number of people working from home these days, we thought we’d walk you through how we do it and hopefully shed some light on how we are able to run a successful business from anywhere.

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Pensive Security Team

How We Got Started

Pensive Security started in 2017 to provide modern cybersecurity services to businesses. Every business owner knows that they should be securing their application or network, but the steps to doing so aren’t always clear.

We recognized that one of the best ways to help businesses quickly identify the weak points in their application or network is to have a vulnerability assessment or penetration test performed. We decided to take the confusion out of security and provide business owners with a clear path to better security.

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