January 2021 Roundup

January 2021: Cybersecurity Roundup

This past month in cybersecurity:

  1. FireEye Released Technical Details Related to SolarWinds
  2. FBI Seizes NetWalker Ransomware
  3. Emotet Malware Network Dismantled By Police
  4. New Zealand Central Bank Suffered Data Breach
  5. Mimecast Products used to Spy on Customers

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Cit0day Breach Detection

Quick Summary

Cit0day had a massive data breach in November 2020, which leaked credentials for over twenty thousand websites. It is more complicated than usual to determine which credentials you need to change because there were so many websites involved in the breach.

You can use a tool we created to check which domains you need to change your password for.

Just navigate to the following link and follow the instructions:


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