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Based in Asheville, North Carolina, Pensive Security provides cyber security services for Fortune 500 companies and startups alike.

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Our Services

Pensive Security offers a variety of cutting-edge security services to help keep your business secure.

Web Pentesting

Web application penetration tests focus on testing the many components of a web application, including the application’s front-end functionality, backend business logic, connected databases, APIs, and integrations with external services.

Mobile Pentesting

Mobile application penetration tests are typically performed on iOS and Android applications. These assessments are focused the security of the application bundle and its interactions with backend services such as APIs and databases.

Cloud / Network Pentesting

Cloud penetration testing focuses on your cloud infrastructure hosted via the many different cloud providers (like AWS, GCP, and Azure). Network penetration tests evaluate on-premise networks’ security, including both external and internal facing services.

Architecture Reviews

Architecture security reviews provide a detailed analysis of your application, network, or cloud infrastructure to uncover systemic security issues.

Vulnerability Scanning

Identify and report vulnerabilities in applications, networks, and systems so you can understand the security threats to your environment and react appropriately.


A significantly more in-depth and rigorous look at the way you design, develop, and test your application by a community-driven framework of security requirements and controls.

Our Company

Certified Professionals

Our security engineers hold the industries most highly respected ethical security testing certifications such as OSCP, OSCE, and BSCP.

Cutting Edge Security Testing

With new attack vectors constantly surfacing, we are committed to keeping our testing methods current.

Comprehensive Reports

Our custom reports are well-written and provide a detailed description, proof of concept exploit, remediation, and severity rating for every vulnerability found.

Development Guidance

We are excellent communicators, and will happily assist your team in both identifying and fixing security issues.


Our Team

Pensive Security employees have industry leading certifications and experience performing hundreds of successful security tests and services.


Former Security Research Engineer at Cisco Systems

OSCP, OSCE, BSCP Certified

B.S. from Virginia Tech in Computer Engineering

Mountain biking fanatic; will settle for pickleball on rainy days


Former Software Developer for IBM Cloud DevOps

OSCP and BSCP Certified

B.S. from Virginia Tech in Computer Engineering

Loves the outdoors - hiking, Airstream camping, fishing, & all sports

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